In 2015, Matt, Sarah, and their children left their home in Utah and moved to Los Angeles, California, with a clear vision from God to plant a church. They knew no one in the area and built their team from scratch, working relentlessly to launch their church. After nine months of fundraising, team-building, and praying, Fellowship Church became a reality, with 624 people in attendance at their first service on September 15th.

Since then, Fellowship Church has been impacting lives in the Downtown Los Angeles area by helping people know God, find freedom, and discover purpose.


Our heart is to help the hurting, heal the broken, and and change our community. 

Through our services, we strive to help you know Jesus in a real and personal way.

 At Fellowship Church, we believe in community. We're a family, and life is better together. Through our Fellowship Groups, you'll have an opportunity to connect with others in a meaningful way.

We believe everyone has a unique purpose and calling in life, and our mission is to help you discover yours.